AJA is your trusted Tamil Language Assessment 

Get assessed for Tamil Language Proficiency Certificate & Seal of Biliteracy for Tamil Language. AJA is the authorized assessment center for Tamil Proficiency Assessment and Seal of Biliteracy for Tamil language. Please fill in the appication below to schedule the proficiency exam.


Paths to Seal of Biliteracy and Tamil Language Proficiency Certificate

AJA Assessment creates paths to proficiency with real-world assessments, and scoring aligned with the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. We are authorized to evaluate Tamil language proficiency for the eligible candidate and it can be recognized by college and companies for work.

Recognizing Organization

AJA Language proficiency assessment is recognized by Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia  for Seal of Bi-Literacy for the Tamil Language. Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia has approved Seal of Bi-Literacy for the Tamil Language to AJA Language Proficiency Assessment to conduct assessment and provide results for Tamil Language. 

AJA is approved assessment by Maryland,
and, Virginia

Developed by AJA Language Experts

Strict Procedures and Secure Administration

Proficiency based and Reliable Scores

Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia Seal of Bi-Literacy in Tamil

To receive the Seal of Bi-Literacy in Tamil, a student must:
1. Meet high school graduation requirements at your school (must have high level in English); AND
2. Demonstrate Intermediate High or above proficiency in foreign language.
 By getting Intermediate High or above in the AJA Language Proficiency Assessment in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Tamil will meet the foreign language proficiency.